Göcek Portville The project, designed in 1999, was only built in 2007. 

Urban planning decisions required the development of a project in accordance with the architectural style of the Muğla region. The year 1999, when the project was completed, was a period when compliance with these rules was more strictly followed. Therefore, the structures were developed taking inspiration from the local architecture of the region. The settlement consists of 132 units, including 15 blocks of twin villas, 22 blocks of row houses, and 12 detached villas. In addition to land transportation, access to the sea is provided via channels using small motorboats.

Project Location: Göcek, Muğla Employer: Anadolu Tourism Investments Inc. 

Concept Design: Cemal Mutlu Architecture - Mosaic Architecture, Mustafa Türkmen WAT&G

 Project Start Year: 1998 

Project Completion Year: 1999 

Construction Start Year: 2005 

Construction Completion Year: 2007

 Land Area: 46,116 m2 Total Construction Area: 18,176 m2

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